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Hungry protesters in your town? We’ve got funds to help feed them! Email us (hillaryrettig null@null yahoo NULL.com) and we’ll see if we can partner.

“We just think it’s so awesome that you’re here supporting us as we try to get rid of these scoundrels!” – Madison, WI protester

“It’s great you guys are here. We’re from Fond du Lac, and my wife teaches in Ripon…The muffins are delicious!” – Madison, WI protester

Vegan Protest Fuel gets vegan food into the hands of peaceful demonstrators throughout the world who are rising up for democracy, freedom and justice.

We partner with local activists and restaurants to provide delicious, sustaining, and cruelty-free vegan meals to vegans, vegetarians and omnivores. Thus, we achieve four goals:

  • support and sustain the protesters
  • support local vegan (or vegan-friendly) businesses
  • increase the visibility of vegans in the larger social justice community, and show our alignment and solidarity with other social justice movements (e.g., labor, economic justice and civil rights movements)
  • introduce non-vegans to delicious, healthy, ethical vegan food

Nearly 100% of all donations (see below) goes to providing food. All delivery and serving labor is donated. Most of the restaurants we work with discount the food they provide to Vegan Protest Fuel, further leveraging your donation.

For more information on Vegan Protest Fuel, see the below FAQ. Thanks for visiting, please donate, and please tell your friends!


Are you serving non-vegan foods?
No. Only vegan.

Are you working exclusively with vegan restaurants? In areas with a vegan-only restaurant that serves inexpensive “protest-ready” food (e.g., sandwiches), we will preferentially work with this restaurant. In areas without such a restaurant, we will work with a vegan/vegetarian restaurant. In areas lacking even that, we will work with any restaurant that can deliver vegan meals. But strong priority will always go to restaurants with a strong vegan commitment.

Do you take donations from stores? Sure! We’re looking for things like veggie wraps, hummus wraps and vegan soups.

Does 100% of contributions go directly to food? Our fiscal sponsor takes a (reasonable) 5% administrative fee, and PayPal takes around a 2.5% commission. So, unless otherwise indicated, around 92.5% of your donation will go to food. (There may also be applicable sales taxes.) All delivery and distribution labor is donated by local activists, and our restaurants and other providers typically give us discounts, further leveraging your donation.

Is my contribution tax deductible? If you donate via our Website, yes. If you pay directly through a restaurant, no. (Check with your accountant to be sure.)

Isn’t what you’re doing redundant with local vegan groups, national vegan outreach programs, Food not Bombs, etc.? We love those organizations and complement them very well! We specialize in protests because we believe there is a special benefit to be gained from making a strong vegan appearance at them (see above four goals).

Why are you using restaurant food? Isn’t that more expensive than preparing it yourselves? It sometimes is more expensive. However, time is often of the essence during protests so getting restaurant food fast to the scene makes sense. Also, we like to see vegans at the protests, instead of home cooking. Finally, there’s a benefit to supporting vegan restaurants.

There’s a protest in my area. How can I get Vegan Protest Fuel to donate food? Email Hillary Rettig (hillaryrettig null@null yahoo NULL.com) with your request. Please note that we are focused on nonviolent protests related to freedom, social justice and economic equality. We reserve the right to reject any request for lack of resources, or any reason whatsoever.

How much advance notice do you need? Advance notice is always good, but we know protests can start quickly, and we are prepared to move quickly. Contact us as soon as possible.

Who created this? / Who is in charge? The idea came from Hillary Rettig (http://www NULL.hillaryrettig NULL.com), a Boston-based vegan activist and author of The Lifelong Activist: How to Change the World Without Losing Your Way (http://lanternbooks NULL.com/detail NULL.html?id=1590560906) (Lantern Books, 2006). In March, 2011, she read a news story about a Madison, WI pizzeria taking orders from around the world for pizzas for protesters opposing the extremist Republican governor’s budget cuts and union busting, and thought there should be a similar program for vegans. Via Facebook she was able to connect with Wisconsin-based vegan blogger Dan Nordstrom and the Madison-based Simply Vegan (http://simplyvegan NULL.net) vegan outreach campaign to set up a donations infrastructure via PayPal, arrange food deliveries from local favorite Green Owl Cafe (http://thegreenowlcafe NULL.com/), create a Facebook page, and promote the project.

Everything came together nicely, and in three days, Vegan Protest Fuel raised $840 from supporters in Massachusetts, New York, South Dakota, Alaska, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana and Connecticut – as well as from within Wisconsin itself – enabling Vegan Protest Fuel to send hundreds of meals to protesters.

A day later, Patrick Tyrrell (http://www NULL.patricktyrrell NULL.com) donated design and setup for this Website. And Keith Dawson (http://www NULL.technologyfront NULL.com) provided discount Web hosting.

Hillary (hillaryrettig null@null yahoo NULL.com) and Dan continue to coordinate Vegan Protest Fuel, and are hoping the need for it grows far and wide as more people organize for their freedoms while seeking to eat ethically.

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  1. amy hollander - #

    How can I get involved! ? I live in dallas Texas. Love your concept! Amy

  2. jimi guy #

    so phuckin’ cool!!!
    Vegans feeding the revolution!!! this is really happening!!!
    hey i don’t have a “CC” (screw the banks!)how can i donate cash snail mail?

    • admin #

      Just mail your check to:
      Press Connection Foundation
      2820 Marshall Court, #1
      Madison, Wisconsin 53705
      attn: Vegan Protest Fund

  3. jimi guy #

    hey now! uno mas thing, been a veggie for 30+ yrs love to cook, if and when you need any help with food “prep” and delivery in so/central cali(mexico to the bay) let me know, i’d love to help!!! this is totally revolutionary!!!

  4. b #

    thanks for doing what you’re doing !

    Saturday April 9 – 12:00 pm – Union Square – Bring the Troops Home Now: Mass Anti-war Rally – NYC

    see you there ?!

    • admin #

      Hi! We’re going to look into it. Could you help organize some vegans to help? Hillary

  5. Janet Estes #

    Wow. Been vegetarian for 30 years, vegan for the most recent 10. Didn’t know that veganism had to be leftist, and if so, promoting it will become even more futile than I have already experienced. I happen to be independent of the socialists on one side and the bible thumpers on the other, and consider both sides to be naieve. Groups like this further confine the image of veganism, and will shut down progress toward education, enlightenment and compassion.

  6. mike gaudreau #

    Meat tastes so good. You guys have no idea what u are missing. It tastes even better if you kill your own meat. MEAT RULES!!!!

    • admin #

      Thanks for your comment, Mike. While subjective experiences are common to everyone (many vegans may have enjoyed eating meat before), the objective truth is that animals experience pain, fear, suffering, love, and loss just like we humans do, and that is why they deserve respect, self-determination and autonomy.

    • razldazl (http://www NULL.vegangster NULL.org) #

      christ get this troll off your page. who admins here?

      • admin #

        Hi there! This is Dan in Madison. We haven’t really discussed which posts to allow and which not to. Do you think that it’s better to just delete things that people write where it’s obvious that they are trolling? Thanks! :)

  7. Ninja Unicorn #

    Are you at Ocuppy Dallas? We can help this weekend…

    • admin #

      I am passing along your contact information to the folks at Occupy Dallas. Thanks!!

  8. admin #

    Thanks for your thought-provoking comment. We at VPF love animals and think that they deserve compassion, respect, and autonomy.

  9. Journey #

    Veganism goes hand in hand with activism, especially if its environmental activism and it goes far beyond issues of cruelty to animals. In my life, being vegan has had more of an impact on the environment than all of the marches and demos I’ve ever done, and there have been many. It saves resources by endng run-off of manure into our waterways, erosion caused by hooves and growing corn on millions of acres, water consumption (in terms of water consumption, eating beef for protein is far less efficient than growing grain/beans)and beans aren’t allowed to graze on our publc lands.
    I don’t think this will ‘further confine the mage of veganism’, it’s a natural progression for people who care about the future of the planet, no matter what their other beliefs or politics.

  10. garrymoore #

    hi to all veganprotestfuel.comers this is my first post and thought i would say hello to you all –
    thank yous speak soon
    garry moore

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