We Support the #WiRecall of #GovWalker

Vegan Protest Fuel got started back in February and March of this year and has continued to deliver delicious and nutritious food to protesters – whether they were in the streets in Madison, sleeping out in the cold at Camp Walkerville, or at one of the many Occupy demonstrations.  We are now pleased to tell you that the 90-day-long recall effort of Scott Walker and his deputy, Rebecca Kleefisch, has begun in Wisconsin.  We need 540,206 signatures within this time-frame in order for a recall election to be called (1/4 of the total votes cast in the 2010 Gubernatorial election).  We can do it, and we will do it!  If you want to help donate funds to the recall effort, collect signatures, or sign the petition, just visit http://www.unitedwisconsin.com (http://www NULL.unitedwisconsin NULL.com/) and you’ll find everything you need to know there.  The earliest election date will be in March 2012 – and for many of us, that’s none too soon!

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